Sunday, November 02, 2008

Blog by Mail

Some months ago, my good friend Liz emailed me and pointed out that Blog by Mail was about to happen. I found about this from one of my favorite food Blogs last year, Anne's Food and had been intrigued, so had been interested in taking part in it sometime, so check it out! While there were a few glitches, the first time around, I am looking forward to next year already! I want to start collecting goodies now!!

So, I sent a package to Twofatals in New York City, but have received a fantastic package from Erin in Michigan, USA! I loved it, all the wonderful goodies (though customs chose to keep the tea- d'oh!) So, Erin, thank you! What a treat!

So, as you hopefully can see, there is a wonderful selection! Books, cards, Hot tamales(yum!), Craisins and Dried bluberries- it was such a thoughtful collection- not to mention the awesome home decorating! Thank you Erin!!!:)

So, for the bloggers out there, who might be interested, yes, I would totally recommend taking part next year:)

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Erin the Librarian said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed it! If you read the Cat Who book, you'll see where my son's name (Qwilleran) came from. Have a great day!